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Have a warm greeting and good tidings to the Sensitivity Converter. It is a main stage for all the sensitivity converter platforms. Here you will not encounter any sort of difficulties and it will do its magic swiftly.

We’re are here to give you the most perfect of platform. You can find out and match the sensitivity of the mouse for any of your favorite first person shooter video game. The tool embedded in this site saves your life and time and take just few seconds to give you exact results in a flicker of an eye.

This site is set up in 2021 by sensitivity converter. We have progressed in our aim from the very beginning. Right when sensitivity converter was first started, our enthusiasm for sensitivity conversion of the mouse were amazingly intriguing. Considering the way and the fact that all game have a full exact UI/UX, we came up with a tool that is not difficult to utilize. Furthermore more captivating than various tools, This is the reason that drove us to start a new business.

We confide in you to capitalize on our gaming instruments whatever amount of we like contribution them to you. Regardless, in the event that you have any requests, remarks, and ideas, never hesitate to reach out to us.


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