Aim Trainer | A free Aim Training tool for FPS games

Aim Training is helpful for the shooters. Are you a game freak and looking forward to improving your aim? But don’t know where to get started? Or maybe you are searching for some tricks and tips to improve the aim? Here on this page, we will guide you with everything you need for a perfect aim, and not only that but we will also provide you with a free tool where you can practice your aim. 

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Improve different aspects of Aim Training

Everyone tries to be better in the FPS games. But what is the best and easiest way for it? Work on the fundamentals and basics. Yes, you heard it right. If you work on the basics of aim training, it would be no difficult to ace the difficult or the trickier Aiming Shoots. 

Aim Trainer is a free and reliable tool and it helps the FPS shooters to practice the aim with great ease. And hence, they can improve their FPS skills. 

The Aim Training Tool helps you improve multiple aspects. As we all know that a perfect aim requires multiple skills and instincts. Hence this tool will be helping out with all of that.

Improve Aim Tracking:

Using this tool will help you improve your aim tracking. Aim tracking means that you’re currently on your target and want to keep tracking your aim with your crosshair in order to forecast and react to his future movements, you’re using tracking aim.

Aim tracking is very important for the games like Apex Legends, GTA, Fortnite, etc in which you need multiple shots to kill and attack your aim. However, tracking aim is crucial, and it’s something you’ll want to perfect if you want to be the best gamer you can be. In competitive FPS games, having a solid tracking aim can offer you a tremendous edge.

Improve Aim Reflexes:

Not only aim to track but if you want to be perfect at aiming, you need to work on your Aim Reflexes too. The tool provides you with a detailed result summary. The progress report shows your reaction time and your accuracy. This detailed report helps you understand where you are lacking and what you need to work on?

Aim Training

Importance of DPI in Aim Training

What role does DPI perform in aim training? This is a crucial yet very important question that may arise in a gamer’s mind. You may adjust the DPI of your mouse using the DPI Calculator. This article gives you the whole details of why the DPI is important for video games. If you want a smooth flick in the game, you will need the fastest possible response time, because if your mouse is slower than your reflexes, you won’t be able to land headshots.

Higher DPI (Dots Per Inch) does not always guarantee better quality. Because little physical motions might translate into more perceptible cursor movements, some mice will actually perform worse at their maximum DPI settings. There’s also the issue of deciding what DPI setting to use in your mouse’s driver software against the sensitivity setting you use in different games. To adjust the DPI of your mouse according to your need. 

Importance of Mouse Sensitivity in Aim Training

When it comes to FPS targeting, mouse sensitivity is the single most critical option. However, there is no magic setting or silver bullet that will make you a great shooter on your own. It’s all about figuring out whatever settings seem most comfortable to you while yet offering you complete control.

A low sensitivity level provides you more control over your mouse and allows you to make more precise movements, but it also forces you to operate your mouse using your elbow rather than your wrist. It’s best to start with a sensitivity of 400-800 DPI and modify as needed.

How to use the Free Aim Training Tool

We hope that we have explained to you thoroughly how you can work on your Aim For Free and what are a few important factors needed while working on the aim.

Now let’s have a look at how to use the Free Aiming Training tool

  1. Open the website, and look for the Free Aim Trainer tool.
  2. Here you can find different levels.
  3. Choose the level where you want to be tested and trained. 
  4. Starting from easy, to medium, it leads you to the harder levels. 
  5. Turn all the generators to green in the given time span.
  6. When you complete the level, it gives you the result of how many generators turned green and how many still needed to be turned. 
  7. You may custom change the settings and start your training. 
  8. Select the number of elements, time, and the size of the generator. Hit the start button and that is it. 


Hope this little GUIDANCE of how to train for your aim will prove helpful to you.