Battlefield V Mouse Sensitivity Matcher

Change mouse sensitivity for Battlefield V

Battlefield V mouse sensitivity converter permits you to convert your in-game sensitivity to another FPS game for FREE and with great ease.

How to use Battlefield V sensitivity calculator?

In order to use the sensitivity conversion tool, you just have to follow few simple steps that are given below:

  1. Visit the main site sensitivity converter.
  2. Type in the game sensitivity you use.
  3. Now enter the mouse dpi value.
  4. In the final step, choose the game you wish to convert it over to.

The rest of the job will be done by the Battlefield V mouse sensitivity converter. So you need not worry about the calculation, we got your back here.

The calculator will do its calculation and provide you converted over sensitivity and in/360 (cm/360) for the two games.

Battlefield V mouse sensitivity converter

All About Battlefield V

Battlefield V is an FPS computer game created by EA DICE and distributed by Electronic Expressions. It is the sixteenth portion in the Combat zone series. It was delivered worldwide for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on November 20, 2018. The individuals who pre-requested the Luxurious Version of the game were conceded early admittance to the game on November 15, 2018, and Beginning Access Premium endorsers on PC got admittance to the game on November 9, 2018. The game depends on The Second Great War and is a topical continuation of its The Second Great War based antecedent Battlefield 1.