Natural Selection 2 Sensitivity Converter

Use this sensitivity converter to convert the sensitivity of the mouse from one game to the other.

All about Natural Selection 2

Natural Selection 2 is a multiplayer computer game that consolidates first-individual shooter and constant methodology rules. It is set in a sci-fi universe in which a human group battles an outsider group for control of assets and region in enormous and elaborate indoor facilities. It is the spin-off of Regular Determination.

Like its archetype, Natural Selection 2 highlights two rival groups of players, Kharaa (Outsiders) and Frontiersmen (Marines), looking to annihilate the other’s particular base. While the two groups have similar fundamental objectives, ongoing interaction for each group shifts radically. Marines to a great extent depend on weapons and different bits of innovation to destroy the outsider presence. Outsiders, nonetheless, depend basically on skirmish assaults. Certain outsider lifeforms can stroll on dividers, fly, and even scramble forward in a matter of seconds. Players likewise have a cash framework which they use to purchase better gear or develop into higher lifeforms.